Free Printable Easter Baskets to Color, Cut and Paste

Why buy a ready-made Easter basket? Instead use these free printable Easter basket templates. Print in black and white and let children color their own. Then help them cut out and assemble. Kids will love getting to make a craft. And you'll save money. Here are links for free printable templates, plus money-saving Easter basket filler suggestions. Free Printable Easter Baskets and Homemade Gift Baskets


Free Earth Day Coloring Pages, Worksheets, Activities to Print

April 22 celebrates Earth Day, formerly called Arbor Day. Hey, teachers and home school parents, need free printable Earth Day activities? Here are science themed coloring pages for classroom, homeschool. Perfect for 4H club or scout troop, too.  Here are links for "green" environmental science worksheets. Subjects include nature, animals, bugs, biodiversity, biology, ecology and more. Free Printable Earth Day Coloring Activities 

Free Disney Printables from Frozen

Family Fun used to host Disney printable crafts. I want to alert all readers looking for Disney printables that Family Fun has a new redirect. If you want holiday activities, games, puzzles and lesson plans that used to be at FF, go now to Spoonful. Sometimes the old Family Fun link on my articles will redirect to Spoonful and you can just click that to find the printables. But if doesn't work, use the one above. Or just type in your URL bar.  Free Disney Printables from Family Fun New Site Spoonful

Free Printable Stencils for Spring Crafts and Coloring

I found a site with free printable stencils and templates. Use them for greeting card-making (send one to the grouchy old lady next door and brighten her day). Cut felt board pieces for story telling with kids. Make sewing patterns. and applique templates. Or just enjoy the coloring pages! Easter, spring and preschool patterns galore! Free Printable Craft Stencils, Holiday Patterns and Templates

Free Printable Mardi Gras Masks for Children to Color

Looking for a cute activity for kids? Here are printable masks to cut and paste. Then kids can color masks and enjoy playing dress up. Perfect for learning centers, dress up, Halloween, birthday parties and social studies lessons. Print Mardi Gras Masks for Children to Color, Free

Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages Bible and Easter Bunny

Here's an article sharing free animated clipart, gifs and graphics. The website also has free printable Bible graphics and coloring pages. Read the article here to get links for personalized graphics.  Click the links then scroll around for holiday coloring pages. There are Bible and religious Easter coloring pages. Type "bible" in search to find them. The non-religious secular ones with Easter bunny, baskets, ducklings, candy and flowers, are linked in the sidebar.Free Personalized Clipart, Sparkle Graphics, Animated Gifs.

Harry the Dirty Dog, No Roses for Harry Coloring Pages and Crafts

One of my husband's favorite children's literature characters is Harry the Dog, created by Gene Zion and drawn by Margaret Bloy Graham. Harry is naughty, outspoken and given to Asperger like behavior. That's why we love him. My mom described a yarn bush she made for the birds and it reminded me of Harry. Here are activities based on "No Roses for Harry" and free printable lesson plans, coloring pages, puzzles and games for "Harry the Dirty Dog."No Roses for Harry Recycled Yarn Craft, Snack, Printables

Ancient Greece Coloring Pages for Sochi 2014 Olympic Games

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics are the XXII (22nd) games. The Olympics have a long and interesting history, beginning with the original games in ancient Greece. The name comes from Mt. Olympus, where Greeks believed their gods dwelt. The games were played in honor of various deities: Zeus, Hera, Hermes, Ares, Apollo, Athena and other Olympians. Here are free printable ancient Greece coloring pages. Ancient Greece Lesson Plans for Sochi 2014 Olympic Games

Free Printable Winter Coloring Pages for Children

Here's a huge array of winter-themed coloring pages. Winter sports for 2014 Sochi Olympics. Snowflakes and snowmen, winter holidays, valentines, glitter crafts. Something for everyone to make this interminable cold and snow more bearable. Printable Winter Crafts and Activities for Kids

Sochi Russia, 2014 Winter Olympics Coloring Pages

Gearing up for the XXII Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi, Russia? February 7-23 is going to be an exciting time! As a teacher, mom and former homeschooler, I always look for ways to teach any world event in the classroom. Here are free printable winter Olympics lesson s plans. Games, crafts, coloring pages, puzzles, sports-themed worksheets--all you need to explore. There are activities about Russia and the city of Sochi, too.  Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics XXII Printables, Lessons on Russia

Free Chinese New Year of the Horse Printables

It's Year of the Horse for Chinese New Year 2014 . So I thought we could celebrate with horse activities. I remembered a cute site my daughter loved and about which I wrote a post   Free Printables and Online Pet Gaming at Bella Sara.

Free 2014 Chinese New Year of the Horse Coloring Pages

I've always loved Chinese culture. Chinese New Year 2014 is January 31. It's Year of the Horse. Here are free printable crafts, coloring and activities to celebrate the Chinese New Year. These websites have Chinese zodiac crafts, animal crafts, party decorations, Kung Fu Panda activities, Lantern Festival crafts, Chinese New Year greeting cards and coloring crafts galore.  Free Printable Chinese New Year Coloring Pages, Crafts and Activities

Free Printable Christmas Cards and Ornaments to Color and Make

Many schools go on Christmas holiday vacation soon. Here are free printable coloring cards, ornaments, decorations, gift tags and crafts. Put those eager beavers to work making greeting cards, holiday decorations, Christmas tree trimmings, gift tags, ornaments, gifts and crafts. All you need is a computer printer, paper, scissors and crayons and you have hours of entertainment for children and some work time for yourself.  Free Printable Christmas Coloring Cards, Ornaments and Craft Activities for Children 

Free Printable Advent Wreaths to Color and Make

Advent in the Catholic Christian church began Dec. 1, 2013. Each Sunday, Christians light one candle on the Advent wreath. Each candle symbolizes hope, expectation, preparation and joy at the Birth of Christ on Christmas. Want to make an Advent wreath with your children, classroom, Sunday School or day care? Here are free printable Advent wreaths. Help children explore the lovely tradition of the Advent wreath with these printable coloring, cut and paste wreaths.  Free Printable Advent Wreaths to Color, Cut and Paste

Free Printable Turkey Crafts for Thanksgiving

 What would the Thanksgiving holiday be for children without turkey crafts? I've been hunting web wide to bring you free printable Thanksgiving turkey crafts for your children, day care, homeschool, classroom, 4H group or scout troop. Free Printable Turkey Crafts for Thanksgiving

Free Printable Books for Children to Color and Read

Here in Michigan everyone is kvetching about how early it gets dark and how cold it is. We had the first below-freezing day. Our dune beach grass was coated with snow. Winter is upon us. Parents and teachers, looking for stuck-in-the-house activities for kids? How about free printable books to color and make? Lost of preschool themes. Free Printable Books for Children to Make and Read

Free Printable Hat Templates, Military Insignia to Color

Oh pooh. Halloween is over. No more dress up fun for a whole year, right? Wrong! The fun has only begun. And I'm your fun go-to with dress up crafts, homemade costumes, hat and costume templates, military insignia patterns and more. Create full costumes or just use for coloring activities. Rainy Day Recycle Bin Crafts for Kids--Homemade Hats

Free Doctor Who Masks to Print and Color for Halloween Costumes

We stumbled on Doctor Who in 2005, when my then 7-year-old saw previews, before it got big in the US. I'd never watched Doctor. All most of us knew was that is was some Brit sci-fi show. So being concerned but open-minded parents, we watched it with our daughter. She was hooked. If you are, then you'll want these free printable Doctor Who villain masks for Halloween! Weeping Angels, Peg Dolls--very scary.  These would maker terrific costume starters. Free Doctor Who Masks for Halloween Costumes--Creepy!

Free Trick-or-Treat Coloring Pages for Halloween Parties to Print

I've been blogging for over five years. I've got lots of blogs about free printables. What got me started was a request for daughter for "more coloring pages!" So how about, in honor of that little girl who is now in high school, printable Halloween and trick-or-treat coloring pages for children. Not too scary and lots of fun, these coloring pages are geared for preschool and elementary age kids. There are scary ones too--witches, Count Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, witch's brew with hidden pictures puzzle, smiling jack-o-lantern pumpkin color-your-own Halloween greeting card, mad scientist and Frankenstein Free Printable Halloween and Trick-or-Treat Coloring Pages

Free Printable Animals and Saints Crafts

How about free printable animal coloring pages and crafts to celebrate St. Francis's feast day on Oct. 4? Or saints coloring pages for All Saints Day? There are links for animals masks for Halloween, too! Read on Free Printable Saints, Animals Crafts for Feast of St. Francis

Free Educational Websites, Printable Learning Games For Kids

Researching kids' literature, I stumbled upon a collective from the ALA It's a compilation of best educational websites for kids--a service of the Association for Library Service for Children. There's a plethora of learning sites on arts, math, science, social studies, history, literature and more. Here's another list of free printable activities for kids, too. (Image is free clip art from ALSC) Free Educational Websites, Printable Learning Games For Kids From the ALA

Free Printable Paper Toys, Games for Preschool Kids

In the last eight years, I've developed a reputation as the "free printable queen." You raise an inquiring eyebrow. Meaning that I track down printable activities, lesson plans, coloring pages, crafts, games and worksheets. I write and blog about where to find them and I provide links. Check out this awesome site where I found this cute butterfly craft. Read more here Free Printable Paper Toys, Games for Preschool Kids and visit The Toymaker. 

Free Printable Yom Kippur Activities to Help Kids Understand Day of Atonement

Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, takes place in the month of Tishrei on the Hebrew calendar, ten days after Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish New Year. Here are free printable activities to explore Yom Kippur. Not being Jewish myself, I will not attempt to explain Yom Kippur, beyond saying that it is a high holy day in the Jewish calendar. I don't want to explain the celebration improperly. If you explore these links and activities, you will come to a fuller understanding of the Yom Kippur holiday.  Help kids, Jewish or gentile, learn more about this literally Awesome day. Free Printable Yom Kippur Activities

Free Printable May Day, Labor History Activities

Labor history is American (and world) history: it impacts every industry, occupation and person. Labor Day is celebrated on May Day worldwide, not September as it is in the U.S. And it's not about BBQs and picnics. It's about people who struggled to get fair working conditions for us all. Teachers and homeschoolers, why not educate students about unions with these free printable labor history lesson plans? I've listed websites, activities, worksheets, movies and books. Free Printable May Day, Labor History, Union Organizing Lesson Plans

Free Printable Super Mario Bros Coloring Pages

Every so often I feel like taking a walk down memory lane. Ninetendo Mario Brothers and Super Mario video and online games have been around for decades. From the early Nintendo 64, to the next big thing today. Super Mario games have mushroomed (pardon the pun) into an international icon for video gamers. Japanese anime style characters Mario the plumber and his brother Luigi the pizza guy battle in odd little scenarios.

It's not from my era. I'm older than the Super Mario craze And I don't get the big thrill but popular they are. Probably the most recognizable game of all time. In 2009, I started digging up retro free printable coloring pages and wrote articles with links. The articles went baaa-serko on page views. It was crazy-Iguess other people got the hankering for nostalgia too. I got through most 1980s cartoons, toys and TV
shows. So just for fun, here's a Mario reprint. Free Printable Nintendo Super Mario Bros Coloring Page Activities

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