Free Printable Winter Solstice and Saturnalia Coloring Pages

Among the high profile winter holidays of Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa, there is a lesser known, sometimes forgotten holiday: winter solstice. Winter solstice is an ancient pagan rite, that recognizes the shortest day in the year. It is part of many pagan Saturnalia rites, too. Here are free printable coloring pages, crafts and activities for Winter Solstice, including free printable snow flake patterns. Read more...

Free Printable Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Coloring Pages

You know Dasher and Dancer, But do you recall, the most famous reindeer of all? Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Here are free printable coloring pages from the Rankin-Bass Rudolph Christmas cartoon and Little Golden Books. Read on for free printable Rudolph coloring pages 

Free Printable Around the World Coloring Pages

Are you looking for free interactive, educational online activities for children and teens? I've just found a website with over 140 free online games, printables, crafts and activities. Activities cover all different cultures, events and periods is history. Read more

Free Printable Disney Tangled Activities

Disney's new movie Tangled features an off-beat the Grimm Brothers' Rapunzel story. Here are free printable coloring pages from the movie Tangled. This medieval maiden is one smart gal. When mean ole' Mother Gothel (aka the witch) imprisons her in a tower, she's not about to sit around waiting for a handsome prince to let her out. She uses her head (and hair!) For a complete Rapunzel coloring books use with free printable Barbie Rapunzel coloring pages on this site. free printable Tangled coloring pages.

Free Printable Chronicles of Narnia The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" Coloring Activities

Free Printable Chronicles of Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Treader" Activities Are you a Chronicles of Narnia fan, longing for December 10, 2010 when The Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie comes out in theaters? The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian were so well made. Here are free printable activities. Read More

Free Printable Calendars, Personalized, Customizable Color Your Own

Free Printable Personalized Coloring Page Calendars Do you keep a calendar? If you're like me, you have several calendars. Here is a tool to personalize, customize and design your calendars. Make free printable coloring page calendars with animal, Bible, holiday, fantasy, anime, Yu-Gi-Oh, SpongeBob and cartoon character calendars. Read More

Free Printable Christmas Bible Stories Coloring Pages

Free Printable Christmas Coloring Pages, Bible Coloring, Nativity, Birth of Jesus Coloring Pages For Christians, Christmas is about more than just presents, Santa Claus and ornaments. The feast of Christmas celebrates the birth of Our Savior Jesus. If you celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus, here are free printable religious coloring pages. Read More

Free Printable Military Soldiers Coloring Pages for Veteran's Day

Free Printable Military Soldiers Coloring Pages Love war history, soldiers, military and coloring pages? Here are links for dozens of free printable soldiers from history to color. Soldiers from all over the world, and in time. Use for Veteran's Day and history lesson plans too.
Read More

Free Printable Alphabet Letters, Numbers and Shapes Coloring Pages

Free Printable Preschool Coloring Pages, Alphabet, Letters, Numbers and Shapes Fisher-Price toys has created a website with hundreds of free printable coloring pages based on Fisher-Price and Mattel toys. Here are free printable alphabet letters, numbers and shapes coloring pages to use for preschool lessons. Read More

Free Printable Color Your Own Greeting Cards

Free Printable Coloring Page Greeting Cards for Children
Looking for a fun coloring project for your children? How about free printable color-your-own greeting cards. These greeting cards print in black and white so that children can enjoy coloring. Birthday, Halloween, Thank you, Get Well and more. Read More

Free Printable Dinosaur Coloring Pages and Activities

Free Printable Dinosaurs Coloring Pages Mattel has been a leading toy maker for decades. Mattel makes a line Dinosaurs toys including D-Rex, Screature, Xtractaurs Whiplash and Xtractaurs PINDOWN. Here are free printable Mattel Dinosaurs coloring pages based on Dinosaurs toys.
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Free Printable Power Wheels, Rescue Heroes, GeoTrax, imaginext Coloring Pages

Free Printable Fisher-Price Power Wheels, Rescue Heroes, Imaginext, GeoTrax Toys Coloring Pages Fisher Price has been making toys for infants, toddlers and children since 1930. Fisher-Price offers free printable coloring pages featuring their toys. Here are free printable Rescue Heroes, GeoTrax, Power Wheels and imaginext toys coloring pages. Read More

Free Printable Fire Prevention Week and Fire Safety Coloring Pages

Free Printable Fire Prevention Week Activities and Lessons Fire Prevention Week runs the first full week in October. Here are free printable fire prevention activities: lessons, games, puzzles, activities, crafts, charts, safety check-lists and many other fire prevention resources in Spanish and English. free printable fire prevention coloring pages

Free Printable Trick or Treat Coloring Pages

Free Printable Trick or Treat Coloring Pages
Need activities to keep anxious little trick or treat kids engaged until Halloween? Here are free printable Halloween and trick-or-treat coloring pages. Not too scary, these coloring pages are geared for preschool and elementary age children. Read More

Free Printable Flags of the World Coloring Pages

Free Printable Flags of the World Coloring Page Activities and Social Studies Lesson Plans The national flag is a symbol of pride for citizens who live within a country. The flag is flown or lowered to reflect national joy or sorrow. Here are free printable flags from around the world to color and use in classroom lessons and activities. Read More

Free Printable Catholic Saints Coloring Pages

Free Printable Catholic Saints Coloring Pages for All Saints Day I've just found a lovely blog today, called Waltzing Matilda, that features a whole collection of free printable Catholic saints organized in order of the Catholic liturgical and saints feast day calendar. This blog features beautiful hand drawn images. free printable Catholic saints coloring pages

Free Printable Grandparents Day Coloring Cards

Free Printable Grandparents Day Coloring Cards Pages
The second Sunday in September is Grandparent's Day; print a card from these Web site links to mail, or better yet, deliver. The list includes many color-your-own cards also. Read More

Free Printable Summer Coloring Pages

Free Printable Summer Beach and Nature Craft Activities
Family Fun magazine is the best family magazine since the Saturday Evening Post. Family Fun focuses on inexpensive, diy crafts, games, recipes and activities for the whole family. Here are free printable summer fun crafts and scrapbook activities. Read More

Free Printable Curious George Coloring Pages, Games, Activities

Free Printable Curious George Coloring Pages Curious George and his friend the man with the yellow hat have been loved by children for decades, from the original H.A.Rey and Margaret Rey books, to the new generation Curious George to the movie. Here are free printable Curious George lesson plans. Read More

Free Printable Despicable Me Coloring Pages, Minions Coloring Page Activities

Free Printable Despicable Me Coloring Pages, Minions Coloring Pages Steve Carell recently took some time off from The Office, to bring us the box office hit cartoon Despicable Me, complete with fun-sized little yellow minions. If you need free printable coloring pages from the Despicable Me movie, read on. Read More

Free Printable Beatrix Potter Coloring Pages, Peter Rabbit Coloring Pages

Free Printable Peter Rabbit and Beatrix Potter Character Crafts and Coloring Pages Beatrix Potter, born 1866, is best known for her childrens' book series The Tale of Peter Rabbit, featuring little woodland creatures. Here are free printable Peter Rabbit and Beatrix Potter character coloring pages and crafts. Use these as stencils to decorate a kids' room or baby nursery. Use for a kids birthday party theme.  Read More

Free Printable Ballet Coloring Pages

Free Printable Ballet Coloring Pages I have wanted to be a ballerina all of my life. Unfortunately, I lack coordination. But I still enjoy watching ballet dancing. Here are free printable ballet coloring pages for you or your aspiring ballerina. You'll find printable coloring pages from famous ballets like Giselle, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Firebird, Coppelia, The Nutcracker and others. What a great way to learn more about this beautiful art form. Read More

Free Printable Photo Frame, Picture Frame Craft Activities

Free Printable Cut and Paste Photo Frame Craft Projects Family Fun has an excellent website full of free printable crafts, cut and paste projects, seasonal crafts, holiday crafts, room decor, games, puzzles and activities. Here are craft project free printable photo frame crafts. Read More

Free Printable Angelina Ballerina Coloring Pages Crafts

Free Printable Angelina Ballerina Coloring Pages and Crafts
Angelina Ballerina is an endearing series of childrens' stories from Katharine Holabird and Helen Craig, featuring a little mouse named Angelina, who takes ballet and her friends. Here are free printable Angelina Ballerina coloring pages and crafts. click for free printable angelina ballerina coloring pages

Free Printable Garfield Cartoon Coloring Pages and Activities

Free Printable Garfield the Cat Cartoon Coloring Pages, Games and Activities Garfield the cat, Odie the dog and Jon Arbuckle are cartoon creations of Jim Davis. The newspaper comic strip Garfield is shown in newspapers around the world. Here are free printable Garfield coloring pages. Read More

Free Printable Mister Rogers Neighborhood Coloring Pages

Free Printable Mister Rogers Neighborhood Coloring Pages I am a self-confessed fan of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and have been since the beginning. Mister Rogers Neighborhood embodies positive, healthy behavior and role models. Here are free printable Mister Rogers Neighborhood coloring pages. Farewell, Mister Rogers. Requeiscat in Pace. Read More

Free Printable Bible Story Coloring Pages: Old and New Testament

Free Printable Bible Coloring Pages, Activities: Old Testament and New Testament Stories Teaching VBS- Vacation Bible School this summer? Or maybe your gearing up for Sunday School, Christian school, Hebrew school or home school in the fall? Here are free printable Bible story, old and new testament coloring pages.Read More

Free Printable Disney UP Coloring Pages and Crafts

Free Printable Disney UP Craft Activities and Party Decorations
Walt Disney's full length movie UP about balloon man Carl Fredricks and his would-be Wilderness Explorer friend Russell came out in 2009. If you loved UP, you'll love these free printable craft activities and party supplies. Read More

Free Printable Disney Princess Coloring Craft Activities and Party Supplies

Free Printable Disney Princess Crafts Activities, Greeting Cards and Party Supplies Disney's princesses, Ariel the Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and now Tiana have been childrens' favorites for generations. Here are free printable Disney princess craft activities, greeting cards and party supplies. Read More

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