Free printable New Year's Eve party decorations, New Year crafts, games, lessons |

Planning a New Year's Eve or New Year's Day party? Are you finding it hard to keep kids happily productive and as you prepare for the party? Why not involve children in the holiday decoration making? Here are free printable New Year crafts, party decorations, games and activities. For the most economical printing, set your printer to "draft" and "black ink cartridge only." Printing activities in black and white turns them into coloring pages which kids can color--value added! You can save lots of money on printing ink and still get a nice quality print-out.  Free printable New Year's Eve party decorations, New Year crafts, games, lessons |

Free printable Bible Christmas coloring pages: Birth of Jesus, Catholic rosary Joyful Mysteries

 For Catholic Christians, Christmas is about more than just presents, Santa Claus and ornaments. The feast of Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus. If you celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus, here are free printable religious Christmas coloring pages. Share the Bible story of Christmas with children. These free printable Bible Christmas coloring pages come directly from the Catholic Joyful Mysteries of the rosary and are perfect for homeschool, Christian groups, Catholic and parochial schools, Sunday School and religious education. Free printable Bible Christmas coloring pages: Birth of Jesus, Joyful Mysteries |

Free printable Advent coloring book, Christian Bible Christmas coloring pages

Advent is the Christian season of preparation before Christmas. It begins four Sundays before Christmas. The Catholic church entered Lent on November 30, 2014. During Advent, people practice gospel virtues of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. They follow Advent calendars with Bible readings and prayers. For a more interactive children's Advent calendar, why not use Christmas themed coloring pages? Have kids color one each night before Christmas. Here is a free printable Advent coloring book with Bible pictures and readings from the Christmas story. DL-TK has assembled a 24-page Bible coloring book, with one page for each day of December to Christmas.  Free printable Advent coloring book and Bible Christmas coloring pages |

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