Free Doctor Who Masks to Print and Color for Halloween Costumes

We stumbled on Doctor Who in 2005, when my then 7-year-old saw previews, before it got big in the US. I'd never watched Doctor. All most of us knew was that is was some Brit sci-fi show. So being concerned but open-minded parents, we watched it with our daughter. She was hooked. If you are, then you'll want these free printable Doctor Who villain masks for Halloween! Weeping Angels, Peg Dolls--very scary.  These would maker terrific costume starters. Free Doctor Who Masks for Halloween Costumes--Creepy!

Free Trick-or-Treat Coloring Pages for Halloween Parties to Print

I've been blogging for over five years. I've got lots of blogs about free printables. What got me started was a request for daughter for "more coloring pages!" So how about, in honor of that little girl who is now in high school, printable Halloween and trick-or-treat coloring pages for children. Not too scary and lots of fun, these coloring pages are geared for preschool and elementary age kids. There are scary ones too--witches, Count Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, witch's brew with hidden pictures puzzle, smiling jack-o-lantern pumpkin color-your-own Halloween greeting card, mad scientist and Frankenstein Free Printable Halloween and Trick-or-Treat Coloring Pages

Free Printable Animals and Saints Crafts

How about free printable animal coloring pages and crafts to celebrate St. Francis's feast day on Oct. 4? Or saints coloring pages for All Saints Day? There are links for animals masks for Halloween, too! Read on Free Printable Saints, Animals Crafts for Feast of St. Francis

Free Educational Websites, Printable Learning Games For Kids

Researching kids' literature, I found a compilation of best educational websites for kids. There's a plethora of learning sites on arts, math, science, social studies, history, literature and more. Here's another list of free printable activities for kids, too. (Image is free clip art from ALSC) Free Educational Websites, Printable Learning Games For elementary, preschool, toddlers

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