Free Printable Christmas Decorations

Finding yourself cash-strapped this holiday season? If you like filling your home with Christmas cheer but can't afford to, you need free printable Christmas decorations and crafts. Print from your computer for inexpensive 3D holiday decor. These make great children's craft projects, too. Want to get double the fun from these crafts? Print in black and white and color them yourself. Perfect for seniors, children, family and religious groups and special needs classrooms. Free Printable Christmas Ornaments Decorations

Free Printable Blessed Virgin Mary Coloring Pages and Activities

Free Printable Blessed Virgin Mary Coloring Pages and Activities Mary, the mother of Jesus, is honored on several different Catholic Christian holidays throughout the year. December 8, the Feast Immaculate Conception, January 1, Solemnity of Mary and August 15, the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Here are free printable coloring pages of Our Lady in her different titles and roles. May and October are dedicated to her as well. Catholics believe that Mary has appeared at different times in history. Some of the better-known apparitions are at Fatima in Portugal; Lourdes, France; Medjugorie , Bosnia-Herzegovina; Mexico City as "Our Lady of Guadalupe:" "Our Lady of Knock " in Ireland and " Our Lady of Czestochowa ," in Poland. There are Marion devotions depending upon the apparition, too. Read more...

Free Printable Rainbow Magic Fairy Crafts

 "Rainbow Magic" is a series of books from the UK, about fairies, created by a collection of authors writing under the pseudonym "Daisy Meadows." Rainbow Magic is illustrated by Georgie Ripper. There are several dozen stories. Each story features a different fairy, by theme: sports, flowers, holidays, animals and environment and more. Two little girls discover the fairies (their first friend being Ruby, one of the Rainbow Fairies) and are allowed a sneak peak into fairyland. Here are free printable fairy crafts from Rainbow Magic. Free Printable Rainbow Magic Fairy Crafts

Free Printable Totem Pole Coloring Pages

 When I was six my family moved to Haines, Alaska. We lived with a clan of the Tlinget Native American Indians. Autumn and back to school are great times to explore Native American Indian culture. Here are free printable totem pole design templates. Totem poles are an important part of Native American Indian culture, particularly in the Pacific Northwest Indian tribes like the Tlinget. and Chilkat that I lived with and also the Kwakiutl, Haida and Tsimshian. Free Printable Totem Pole Coloring Pages

Free Printable Halloween Coloring Pages

Free Printable Halloween Coloring Pages Need some activities to keep excited little trick-or-treaters engaged until Halloween? Here are free printable Halloween and trick-or-treat coloring pages for children. Not too scary and lots of fun, these coloring pages are geared for preschool and elementary age children. These coloring pages make great party games and crafts and rainy day fun. Homeschooling and need to occupy little ones so you can get lessons done? Why not make a Halloween booklet with these. Write words on each page for emergent readers to practice writing, spelling and reading. Explore word patterns. free printable Halloween coloring pages.

Free Printable Columbus Day Activities

Columbus Day is observed on the second Monday of October. Plan your October 12, 2009 Columbus Day using these free printable lessons, games, coloring, crafts and cut and paste activities. Columbus Day marks the landing of Christopher Columbus ships on the Caribbean Islands of the New World in 1492. Although there is speculation about the exact location, and the Italian Columbus was not the first to see the Americas, he was the first to record and create early maps of what he found. Free Printable Columbus Day Activities Columbus Day

Free Printable Pirates, Boats, Ships Coloring, 3D Crafts

 If your children ask to wear a peg leg and carry a bottle of rum to school, don't be alarmed. Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. It was started in 1995 by Mark "Cap'n Slappy" Summers and John "Ol' Chumbucket" Baur. Schools and many businesses get in on the fun. You can, too. Here are free printable pirate coloring pages, crafts, games and toys. Side-stepping the less savory aspects of pirate lore, I've included navigation, maritime and marine lesson plans, too. That way teachers and home-school parents can indulge their inner pirate and call it educational. I've linked to printable ship and boat models, boat coloring pages, Disney "Pirates of the Caribbean," Disney boat crafts and more. Free Printable Pirates, Boats, Shipping and Maritime Coloring Page and Activities

Free Printable Animal Habitat Alphabet Coloring Activities for Preschool Back to School

While winding my merry way through internet databases and Google searches, I happened upon a free printable treasure trove: a complete free printable pdf packet featuring beautiful coloring pages based on each letter of the alphabet. Each letter is a full page size. The letter outline is filled with nicely drawn images of plants, flowers, vegetables and animals whose names begin with that letter. The pictures are arranged somewhat like hidden picture puzzles. As students color the pictures, there is a printable page for them to list the animals and plants they find, that begin with each letter. Perfect for preschool back-to-school crafts! Free Printable Plant and Animal Alphabet Coloring Activities

Free Printable Ramadan and Islamic Activities for Children

Free Printable Ramadan and Islamic Activities for Children For Muslims, Ramadan is holy season marked by prayer, fasting and abstinence. Ramadan, in the Islamic calendar is a month-long observance, falling roughly in the month of August. Here are free printable activities to help children explore Ramadan. Read more

Free Printable Labor Day Coloring Pages

 Labor Day, celebrated the first Monday is September, in the US remembers the contributions of organized labor, unions and workers. Here are free printable occupations, careers and worker coloring pages for Labor Day. Free Printable Labor Day Coloring Pages

Free Printable Rango Coloring Pages and Desert Craft Activities

Rango is the pseudonym of Lars, a pet chameleon who gets lost in the Mojave Desert. From timid critter to terror of the west, Rango finds himself drawn into the problems of a thirsty townsfolk of Dirt. If you like Rango, here are free printable crafts and coloring pages. Free Printable Rango Coloring Pages, Desert Crafts 

Free Printable Angry Birds Coloring Pages

Angry Birds, by Rovio Mobile of Finland, is a mind-bendingly popular Ipad, Ipod and Iphone touch screen game. Using the super powers of the Angry Birds, players defeat greedy pig farmers. Here are free printable Angry Bird coloring pages. Start by playing My Happy Games free Angry Birds game app. This site has some more mature games, so only kids over 13 and adults use it. The screen is larger, about seven inches across; if you need a larger playing screen, you may prefer this site. It does have some pop-ups but they close easily.
Cartoon Jr., has Free Printable Angry Birds coloring pages. Looking at the coloring page images, you'll see that Angry Birds has a pretty simple (rather Plebeian) premise. Pig farmers, one tersely named "Mustache Farmer", steal the Angry Birds' eggs. Birds get understandably mad and take revenge. The Angry Birds, also briefly named, are called "Red Bird", "Blue Bird" and Yellow Bird". There are free printable coloring page based on all the Angry Birds characters. Get a bunch morefree printable Angry Birds coloring pages from this site. Kids-n-Fun has simpler Angry Birds coloring pages for younger kids to print free.
On Coloring has cute free printable Angry Birds games. Kids and adults will love these silly fun games! They're great for sick kids stuck at home and rainy day fun.

Free Printable HOP Movie and Easter Coloring Pages and Activities

HOP is a fun, funky new movie that came out around Easter, 2011. E.B. (voiced by Russel Brand) is the teenage son of the Easter Bunny. Like the 1980s Roger Rabbit and Space Jam, HOP features live actors with animation. Here are free printable crafts and coloring pages from HOP. Free Printable HOP Movie and Easter Coloring Pages and Activities 

Free Printable Princess Coloring Pages, Royal Wedding Crafts Activities

 Free printable Disney princess, wedding crafts, Princess Kate paper dolls, party supplies and decorations, greeting cards and invitations, cut and paste and more! Perfect for a girls night out party! Here are free printable royal wedding crafts and Free Printable Princess Coloring pages

Free Printable Passover Coloring Pages--Shavout, Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot, Purim

Mazel Tov! Although this article was written to share free printable Purim activities, all the websites listed also have Pesach, Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Shavuot, Hanukkah (Chanukah) and Sukkot activities, too. Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) follows Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) in Tishri (around September). These festivals comprise the Days of Awe. Sukkot lands in October (also in the Jewish month of Tishri). Hanukkah is celebrated on Kislev 25 (November or December on the western calendar). Pesach (Passover) is celebrated in the Jewish month of Nissan, around Easter in the western Gregorian calendar. Shavuot is celebrated in Sivan (in June) also. Here are resources for Jews and gentiles to explore the holidays more deeply. Free Printable Passover Coloring Pages

Free Printable Disney Tron Coloring Pages

Disney had two hit movies with TRON 1982 and TRON Legacy 2010 (both with Jeff Bridges). When it came out, I thought TRON was a little cheesy. Now I see that it was in some ways very progressive. It foreshadowed the interent. Here are free printable TRON and TRON Legacy coloring pages, crafts, activities, party supplies, 3-D Light Cycle and games. Free Printable Disney Tron Coloring Pages

Free Printable Sid the Science Kid Coloring Pages

"Sid the Science Kid" is a cute new preschool show from PBS Kids. "Sid the Science Kid" helps children explore early childhood science concepts. Here are free printable life science, nature, earth science, chemistry and physics coloring pages for kids. Read more for free printable Sid the Science Kid activities

Free Printable Lent Calendars to Color

Our Lenten journey in the Catholic church begins on Ash Wednesday and follows Jesus Christ for forty days of suffering in the desert, up to Holy Week and the Easter Triduum. Here are free printable lent calendars to help your experience of Lent. Children can color these calendars for devotions. Read more free printable Lent calendars 

Free Printable Coins and Play Money for Math Lessons

 Play money is a great way to learn about math, counting and consumer lessons. Here are free printable money templates, bills, coins and currency activities. Use in preschool practical life learning centers to teach real life skills of accounting, shopping, banking, budget,  making change, checking, purchase, debit cards and more. Free Printable Coins and Play Money for Math Lessons

Free Printable Jewish Purim Activities

Free Printable Jewish Purim Activities Free printable activities, lessons, crafts, videos and games to explore the Jewish holiday of Purim. This holiday celebrates Esther a Jewish girl living in Persia. When the Persian King Ahasuerus became angry with his Queen Vashti because she wouldn't appear naked before his guests (kudos to her!). Ahasuerus discovered Esther (who was beautiful, loving and brave) and made her queen (apparently, Ahasuerus realized that dancing naked was not a good idea). When Esther's cousin Mordechai refused to bow to the king, Ahaseurus's wicked adviser Haman reported Mordechai. The king was going to have Mordechai beheaded but Esther  risked her life to save him and her people (and her husband, too). Learn about the Purim story with these free printable Purim coloring pages. 

Free Printable Webkinz, Zhu Zhu Pets Coloring Pages and Activities

 Like Zhu-Zhu Pets or Go-Go Pets as they are called in Great Britain? Like Rock Star Pets? Ninja Pets? So darn cut and cuddly! Click the link for free printable coloring pages! Free Printable Zhu Zhu Pets Coloring Pages

Free Printable Justin Bieber Coloring Pages

The name on every tween girl's lips for 2011 is "Justin Bieber". At just turned 17, the Biebs has a new girlfriend, Selena Gomez., a new haircut sans his trademark swoop and a new movie "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never". Want free printable JB coloring pages? Read on.

Free Printable Wonder Woman and Super Hero Coloring Pages

Wonder Woman is a DC cartoon that came out 1941. Wonder Woman was part of the 70s Saturday morning cartoon Super Friends and later a television show, starring Lynda Carter. Wonder Woman is being  remade for 2011. Here are free printable Wonder Woman coloring pages and all DC Comics superheroes and villains (yours truly loved Aquaman best). free printable Wonder Woman coloring pages

Free Printable Dr Seuss Coloring Pages

March is National Reading Month to kick off the month, Read Across America celebrates Dr. Seuss's birthday, March 2. Celebrate with free printable Dr. Seuss coloring pages: The Cat in the Hat, the Lorax, the Grinch, Horton and all your Seuss friends! free printable Dr Seuss Coloring pages

Free Printable Presidents Day Activities

Presidents Day is right around the corner. Looking for free printable lessons for Presidents Day? I always amazed when I see the volume and quality of free printable lesson plans available on the internet. As a homeschooler from 1996-2006, I would have loved these free printables for use with our children. Obviously, free printable lesson plans can be used in traditional general and special needs classrooms as well. Most of these free printable lessons have been created by teachers. There are units, coloring pages, crafts, history, timelines, maps, biographies and famous people coloring pages. free printable Presidents Day coloring pages

Free Printable Snowflake Coloring Pages and Winter Crafts

February is the time when when winter gets long and cold. Why not celebrate the season with free printable winter crafts? Here are free printable snowflake patterns, templates, coloring pages and winter activities. Read on

Free Printable Chinese New Year Coloring Pages for Year of the Rabbit

The Chinese New Year begins on February 3, 2011. Here are free printable activities to help you celebrate this fun, multi-cultural celebration. 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese zodiac. Enjoy these coloring pages. Read on

Free Printable Valentines, Coloring Pages, Cards, Craft Activities

At each holiday I have a few bookmarked websites that I check for free printable crafts, greeting cards, coloring pages and activities. Here are my top favorite free printable valentines crafts websites for Valentine's Day activities. free printable valentine coloring pages

Free Printable Winter Sports Coloring Pages

As the winter holidays wind to a close and the New Year approaches, kids will be going back to school. Now is the time that winter can get long. Why not celebrate the season with free printable winter sports coloring pages and activities? free printable winter sports coloring pages

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