Free Printable May Day, Labor History Activities

Labor history is American (and world) history: it impacts every industry, occupation and person. Labor Day is celebrated on May Day worldwide, not September as it is in the U.S. And it's not about BBQs and picnics. It's about people who struggled to get fair working conditions for us all. Teachers and homeschoolers, why not educate students about unions with these free printable labor history lesson plans? I've listed websites, activities, worksheets, movies and books. Free Printable May Day, Labor History, Union Organizing Lesson Plans

Free Printable Super Mario Bros Coloring Pages

Every so often I feel like taking a walk down memory lane. Ninetendo Mario Brothers and Super Mario video and online games have been around for decades. From the early Nintendo 64, to the next big thing today. Super Mario games have mushroomed (pardon the pun) into an international icon for video gamers. Japanese anime style characters Mario the plumber and his brother Luigi the pizza guy battle in odd little scenarios.

It's not from my era. I'm older than the Super Mario craze And I don't get the big thrill but popular they are. Probably the most recognizable game of all time. In 2009, I started digging up retro free printable coloring pages and wrote articles with links. The articles went baaa-serko on page views. It was crazy-Iguess other people got the hankering for nostalgia too. I got through most 1980s cartoons, toys and TV shows. So just for fun, here's a Mario reprint. Free Printable Nintendo Super Mario Bros Coloring Page Activities

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