Free Printable Educational Board Games For Kids to Color and Make

Card games and board games are an excellent teaching tool. They're interactive and hands-on. Children learn many skills when playing: math, counting, adding, subtracting, organizing, sorting matching, reading and more. Card games can be created to teach content area and subject matter also. Here are free printable card game and board games for kids to make. Have them color the templates, then cut paste and assemble. Craft activity plus game extends the learning and fun (and entertains kids longer!) Free Printable Educational Card Games and Board Games

Free Printable Memorial Day Coloring Pages, Educational Patriotic Crafts

Memorial Day, celebrated the last Monday in May--May 26 for 2014, isn't just the first summer holiday. Though goodness knows we in Michigan are ready for summer! It's also called Remembrance Day and we honor veterans and those lost in U.S. wars. Memorial Days is referred to as Decoration Day, when we remember loved ones we've lost by putting flowers on their graves. Teachers and homeschoolers and parents, here are free printable Memorial Day coloring pages and patriotic crafts. Use for parties and picnics or as lesson plans to teach kids about this national holiday.  Free Printable Memorial Day Worksheets, Crafts, Games

Free printable boat, pirate ship, nautical, maritime Boy Birthday Party Activities

Here's pirate themed boy's birthday party guide, cheap and homemade. It includes free printable pirate crafts, coloring pages, costumes, skull and crossbones, Jolly Roger, pirate ship crafts, treasure maps, games, puzzles and more. No gender-stereotype intended--girls can enjoy pirate crafts too. Pirate ship, boat, nautical, maritime, navy themed Boy Birthday Party Activities, Homemade and Cheap

Free Printable Spider-Man Coloring Pages

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opened May 2, 2014. It was anticipated by fans young and old. In honor of the movie release, I'm sharing this article on free printable Spiderman coloring pages. It's about Wonder Woman coloring pages, but all the links listed contain Spider-Man and other superhero coloring pages. Some have updated coloring pages for Spider-Man 2. Some are DC Justice League, Avengers Super Friends and others are Marvel like Spider-Man. There are Superman, Batman, Hulk, Thor, Fantastic Four and more. Read on Free Printable Spider-Man Coloring Pages 

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