Free Printable Reading Activities, Literature Games, Book Crafts, Coloring Pages

Summer vacation means three months away from school. For kids, that's good news--for parents and teachers, it's a concern. Will students lose learning ground? Not with free summer reading activities. Use these free printable literature games, book crafts, online lessons and incentives to keep kids on educational track. Story coloring pages, worksheets, games, crafts--all the goodies you've come to expect from this blog--educational and fun!Free Summer Reading Activities, Literature Games, Printable Book Crafts

Free Printable Ramadan Activities and Islamic Faith Lesson Plans

In Muslim tradition, Ramadan is a holy season dedicated to spiritual activities, fasting and prayer. In 2013, Ramadan began July 9 and will go till August 7. Ramadan typically coincides with the western months of July and August. The month of Ramadan ends with Eid-ul-Fitr (often shortened to Eid or "lesser Eid"). This is a three-day period following the sawm (fast). For 2011, Ramadan begins on Aug. 1 and ends with Eid around Aug. 30 (or when the crescent moon appears). Here are free printable lessons on Islam and particularly Ramadan, for Muslim children and children of other faiths.  Free Ramadan Activities and Islamic Faith Instruction for Children 

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