Free Printable Bratz, MyScene, Barbie Coloring Pages and Paper Dolls

Free Printable Barbie , Bratz and My Scene Paper Dolls and Outfits
Let your children enjoy the fun of paper dolls with these free printable Barbie, Bratz and My Scene paper dolls. Lots of craft fun for your little girl. Perfect for a Barbie themed birthday party decorations, activities. Use as clipart or party games. free printable Barbie coloring pages

Free Printable Barbie, Mariposa, Fairytopia, Princess Coloring Pages

Free Printable Barbie Coloring Pages All the online coloring pages that your little Barbie fan will need for summer fun! Free printable Barbie, MyScene, Barbie Mariposa, Fairytopia, Princess and the Pauper, Rapunzel, Barbie Diaries, The Nutcraker, Island Princess, Swan Lake, Magic of Pegasus, Magic of the Rainbow, Thumbelina, The Three Musketeers and more. View more »

Free Printable Cars coloring pages

Get your free coloring pages of Lightning McQueen, Doc Hudson Tow Mater and all your friends on Route 66 in Radiator Springs from free printable Disney Pixar CARS movie! These are tested and guaranteed safe links! Here's another link to help you create a complete Disney Pixar CARS bedroom theme for your little hot rods!

Free Printable Spiderwick Chronicles Coloring Pages

Do you love faeiries, ogres, pixies, sprites, hobgoblins, gnomes, brownies and other fanciful creatures of the woodland? Then you will love the Spiderwick Chronicles book series and movies! Here are links for dozens of free printable coloring pages from the free printable Spiderwick Chronicles coloring pages

Free Printable Little Golden Books Activities

Little Golden Books have delighted children for 65 years! Pokey Little Puppy, The Saggy Baggy Elephant, Tootle the Train, The Tawny Scrawny Lion, The Shy Little Kitten and Pat the Bunny (our family favorite!) are just a few of the wonderful Little Golden Book titles! Check this link to my Associated Content article for free printable Little Golden Book coloring pages!

Free Printable American Girl Crafts, Coloring Pages

Besides coloring pages, these links will provide games, puzzles, bookmarks, stationary and other free printables all about American Girl historical dolls.
These are based on the American Girl books and make great lesson plan ideas and home-schooling activities, too! Print activities from current American Girl BeForever historical dolls like Addy Walker, Samantha Parkington, Rebecca Rubin, Julie Albright, Kaya, Josefina Montoya, Maryellen Larkin, Caroline Abbott, Kit Kittredge and the newest Melody Ellison. There are some activities from retired American Girl dolls Felicity Merriman, Kirsten Larson, Molly McIntire, Marie-Grace and Cecilie. 

Free Printable Cartoon Characters Coloring Pages

Check out my links in Cartoon, Movie and Toy Coloring Pages! 13 new characters were added! Boobah, Care Bears, Clifford, Hello Kitty, Spiderman, Superman, Power Rangers, Teletubbies, Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh
Spongebob  Free printable cartoon coloring pages 4u!

Free Printable Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor Coloring Pages

Well, citizens, we got Avengers Age of Ultron in 2015 and now Marvel Comics fans await Captain America Civil War on May 6, 2016. So what do you do to wait? Color free printable Avengers coloring pages, that's what. Here are free printable Avengers Age of Ultron, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America coloring pages

Free Printable Wall E Coloring Pages from Disney Pixar

Disney Pixar's new Wall E is the cartoon hit of the summer! I love the cute acronym names--EVE, MO, VN-GO. Here are some free Wall-E coloring pages to enjoy. Click this link to take you to my Associated Content list of websites with free printable  Wall E coloring pages.

Free Printable Jonas Brothers Coloring Pages, Camp Rock Activities

Camp Rock is the Disney channel new movie craze featuring the Jonas Brothers ~ Kevin, Nick and Joe. Check this link for Camp Rock Freebies (only two coloring pages so far, but we'll keep it updated!) As of 2012, not too many more to add. And at least one Jonas, I think, is married. 

Free Printable Anime Coloring Pages, Manga Coloring Pages

Manga fever is still sweeping the nation over a decade after U.S. kids started taking a shine to anime. Kids and teens particularly love to draw and color these Japanese cartoons. Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Fairly Odd Parents, Powerpuff Girls and even Hello Kitty! and A Dog Named Spot are Japanese cartoons that are considered manga or anime Kazuki Takahashi created many of the manga characters that are so well loved now. But anime isn't only for kids; adults enjoy the clean easy art form as well. Many characters are based on the style of Japanese cartoons and Manga style of drawing. If you love to draw and color Manga would you like a list of websites with free printablemanga coloring pages?
On Coloring has a gajillion free printable anime coloring pages. There are hundreds of manga character coloring sheets including anime people, animals, vehicles and flowers. Print Avatar, Beyblade, Ben 10, Bleach, Digimon, DragonBall Z, Medabots, Pokemon, Pucca, Xiaolin, Yu-Gi-Oh and loads more.
Edu Pics has a bonanza of free printable manga coloring pages website. Edu Pics offers the more advanced anime coloring and drawing pages. Manga is noted for the large shiny eyes in human characters. This is because Japanese cartoons illustrators saw American people in this way, with very pronounced eyes. This site features the typical manga girl and boy, as well as characters of manga fantasy, like werewolves, vixen, pixies, fairies, plus some other anamorphic characters.

Hello Kids is a multi-cultural website for kids that features anime style art and characters. You can find a whopping 442+ free printable manga coloring pages! There are over 80 of the old school but still enormously popular Sailor Moon coloring pages here. You can even find one of the oldest Japanese cartoons, Speed Racer. Sakura and her friends Chiharu, Mihara, Naoko Yanagisawa and Rica Sasaki character coloring pages are featured here in well over twenty different coloring pages. VisitColoring-Book and type in the anime character you want. This is the largest database of free printable coloring pages on the web and it's a pretty sure bet you'll find what you want.

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