Free Printable Lorax Coloring, Dr. Seuss Coloring Pages

March 2 marked the birthday of an American icon. Dr. Seuss, aka Theodore Geisel or Theo LeSieg. Dr. Seuss wrote pearls of wisdom in electric color and silly verse. The Lorax, Horton, the Grinch, The Cat in the Hat: here are free printable Dr. Seuss activities. March is National Reading Month, kicked off with Read Across America. In honor of Dr. Seuss and National Reading Month, the newest Seuss full-length cartoon, "The Lorax" was released. Use these activities to celebrate with children in classrooms or homeschool. Free Printable Dr. Seuss Coloring Pages

Free Printable Jewish Passover Activities, Coloring Pages, Games, Crafts

Passover or Pesach, is the highest celebration in the Jewish Hebrew calendar. Passover is an eight day holiday, beginning with two days of no work, four days of limited work and ending with two days of no work. The passover celebration includes several Seder meals, with roast lamb, bitter herbs and matzo bread. Passover commemorates the passing over of the angel of death during the ten plagues of Egypt. God punished the Egyptians for the enslavement of the Hebrews. First born male infants were to die unless the blood of a lamb was put on the lintels and door posts. Passover, or Pesach, is part of Christian calendar as well; it was at their passover meal that Jesus instituted the Holy Eucharist or communion. This article is about Purim, but the links are the same for Passover. Read more at Free Printable Jewish Passover Activities

Free Printable St.Patrick's Day Crafts, Activities

St. Patrick's Day is a feast day, celebrated on March 17, in the Catholic liturgical calendar. Like Valentine's Day, it has also become a major U.S. holiday. Patricus, a Roman Briton was taken from his home as a slave, but returned as a bishop to bring Christianity to Ireland. Speaking as a descendant of Irish immigrants, I'd like to see the day celebrated with fewer green shamrocks and more focus on the religious and cultural significance of the holiday. Here are ways to celebrate the man we call St. Patrick and explore Irish traditions with kids. You'll find lots of great printable coloring pages, Celtic and Irish crafts, lesson plans and fun! Read more at Celebrating St. Patrick's Day, Irish history with children

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