Free printable geography landforms coloring pages, topography maps, diagrams

What in the world are landforms? A better question is where in the world are landforms. Landforms are geographic features that define the terrain and topography of an area. Terms for geographical landforms include: mountain, mesa, butte, plateau, dune, hill, bluff, cliff, promontory, valley, canyon,
strait, peninsula, cape, delta, river, tributary, lake, bay, sea, ocean, key, island, isthmus, archipelago and atoll, Geographical landforms, also called terrain or topography, are formed by weather and climate factors. Landforms affect and are affected by biome or natural habitat of the region--desert, savanna, rainforest, forest, polar or arctic tundra. eastern woodland, swamp, meadow. To some extent, the plant and animal life affect and are affected by geographical landforms.
Discovery Education free social studies lesson plans, including free printable geography worksheets, landforms coloring pages, terrain and topography maps. worksheets, diagrams, labeling pages, coloring pages, puzzles, maps, quizzes and activities. Teacher Planet has free printable geography worksheets with matching activities to teach geography and landforms vocabulary. There are geography worksheets for different regions, states in the United States, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome and as well as some Jewish terms are included. Here are more landforms worksheets and coloring pages from Printable Worksheets. Super Teacher Resources has some free printable geography worksheets.
Eduplace is Houghton-Mifflin's resource center for learning printables, including free printable geography worksheets and outline maps. There are free printable maps from every continent and country around the globe. Eduplace has free printable labeled and blank maps to use for answer key and tests. ABC Teach has lots of free printable geography worksheets, landforms lesson plans, topography maps, political maps and social studies lesson plans. Students can use maps to draw in landforms. Assign special needs and younger students to color code labeled maps to help them learn about geography. You might also laminate the map and assign students to cut out the countries and states in the map to make a map puzzle.
ESL Tower has many free printable geography worksheets, landforms coloring pages, diagrams, puzzles and topography maps.
Edupics has free printable social studies coloring pages, world maps, landforms coloring pages, biomes, habitats, nature scenes, political maps, topography maps to use as geography worksheets. Edupics boasts the largest, most comprehensive collection of detailed educational diagrams and coloring pages.

Free printable Care Bears coloring pages for Teddy Bear Picnic Day

September 9 celebrates Teddy Bear Day! A beloved teddy bear cartoon from the 1980s was Care Bears. Care Bears made a comeback about 10 years ago and were just as popular. These lovable little bears live in Care-a-Lot. At first, there were ten bears, each with a different tummy symbol and color. They were: Cheer Bear, Funshine Bear, Good Luck Bear, Wish Bear, Bedtime Bear, Grumpy Bear, Tenderheart Bear, Love-a-lot Bear, Birthday Bear and Friendship Bear. Original Care Bears had a heart sewn upon the right foot. Here are retro free printable Care Bears coloring pages for Teddy Bear Day!
American Greetings created the Care Bears has many free printable Care Bear coloring pages. There are games, puzzles and activities to print also. Printables 4 Kids has 10 free printable retro Care Bear coloring pages with some good free printables. Pictures resemble the Care Bears as they did in the cartoons of 1983. Disney Coloring Pages has more free Care Bears printables with older pictures of the original Care Bears to color.

Next, visit Hello Kids for pages of free printable coloring pages of the Care Bears on two different pages. 

Free printable pirate crafts, pirate ship models, paper boats, nautical crafts

 If your children ask to wear a peg leg and carry a bottle of rum to school, don't be alarmed. It's just International Talk Like a Pirate Day. But wait that's not till September 19! Why would kids be celebrating now? Well, it could be they're getting ready for the Michigan Pirate Festival in August. Or it could just be that with school ending, they're looking for fun, pirate style. So why wait till August or September for some pirate fun? Here are free printable pirate crafts, pirate ship models, paper boats and pirate activities to kick off summer.  Free printable pirate crafts, pirate ship models, paper boats, nautical crafts

Free printable royal birthday party crafts for Queen's Birthday: QE2 90th birthday

 The Royal Wedding, on April 29, of Prince William and Kate Middleton was the event of the decade. But as the Queen's Birthday approaches, the royal birthday party may eclipse even the royal wedding! People in every country are hosting Queen's Birthday party events to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II--or QE2--turning a venerable 90 years young! QE2 turned 90 on April 21 and the official royal birthday party will be held in May. Here are free printable royal birthday party crafts and activities to celebrate the Queen's birthday.  Free printable royal birthday party crafts for Queen's Birthday: QE2 90th |

Free printable SpongeBob Squarepants, Bikini Bottom coloring pages, activities

'Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob Squarepants! Absorbent and yellow and porous is he, SpongeBob Squarepants!' This little ditty begins one of the funniest, most original cartoons on television. And now SpongeBob the Musical comes to Broadway. All the Bikini Bottom denizens, SpongeBob Squarepants, Patrick Starfish (the best customer at the Krusty Krab), Gary the Snail, Sandy Cheeks, tight-fisted Mr. Krabs, proprietor of the Krusty Krab and Squidward Tentacles (a disgruntled Krusty Krab employee and clarinetist not-so-extraordinaire) will surface from the deep sea to delight land dwellers!  Free printable SpongeBob Squarepants, Bikini Bottom coloring pages, activities |

Free printable oceanography, marine biology, oceans aquatic life science lesson plans

Animal habitats and earth biomes are popular subjects to study for Earth Month in April. Depending on your school's science program, kids will study different habitats in various grades of their school career. In high school, environmental science and wildlife biology classes look in-depth at earth biomes. Oceans are a favorite biome with kids. If you're studying oceanography, aquatic life science or marine biology in school, here are free printable activities on oceans. Use these for World Oceans Day on June 8. Homeschool parents, you can use these too.  Free printable oceanography, marine biology, oceans aquatic life science lessons |

Free printable Jewish holy day coloring pages, Purim printables, Queen Esther activities, lessons for Hebrew holiday

The Jewish celebration of Purim begins at sundown on 14th day of Adar in the Hebrew calendar. That's March 23, 2016. Purim celebrates the bravery and wisdom of a Jewish girl, Esther. Esther became queen of Ahasuerus, King of Persia. Here are free printable Purim activities and Jewish lesson plans to help children learn about Queen Esther.  Jewish Purim printables, Queen Esther activities, lessons for Hebrew holiday |

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