Free Printable Jewish Purim Activities

Free Printable Jewish Purim Activities Free printable activities, lessons, crafts, videos and games to explore the Jewish holiday of Purim. This holiday celebrates Esther a Jewish girl living in Persia. When the Persian King Ahasuerus became angry with his Queen Vashti because she wouldn't appear naked before his guests (kudos to her!). Ahasuerus discovered Esther (who was beautiful, loving and brave) and made her queen (apparently, Ahasuerus realized that dancing naked was not a good idea). When Esther's cousin Mordechai refused to bow to the king, Ahaseurus's wicked adviser Haman reported Mordechai. The king was going to have Mordechai beheaded but Esther  risked her life to save him and her people (and her husband, too). Learn about the Purim story with these free printable Purim coloring pages. 

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