Free Printable Smurfs Coloring Pages

I've been working on a self-imposed project this summer; namely to bring you free printables based upon cartoon characters and series from the early 1980s. Many early 1980's cartoons have an iconic cult following. Several 1980's cartoons are being or have been remade within the last 5 years or so: Transformers, Super Mario, Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears and Ninja Turtles. I have written articles on several of these cartoons already and have highlighted them so that you can jump to a favorite cartoon character page. The free printables that I put in my articles are direct reprints of the early cartoons. So these articles are a little history lesson as well some retro coloring fun! Today's free printables which tied for second place in the poll of favorite 1980s cartoons: Smurfs! free printable smurfs coloring pages

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