Free printable Disney Zootopia coloring pages, zoology lesson plans, printables

So are you looking forward to seeing Disney Zootopia? Zootopia is an anthropomorphic city, peopled by animals. The hero is an eager beaver--erm bunny--rookie cop named Judy Hopps. All the characters have Dickensian names that reflect animal attributes and personality traits. Officer Hopps, in her pokey Little Tikes style squad car, teams up with oily con man Nick Wilde (a fox, why are foxes always portrayed as sly?) And a lady cop and a confidence trickster? It's complicated--don't judge. So showtime for Zootopia is March 4. But if that seems an unconscionably long time to wait, here are free printable Disney Zootopia coloring pages from Super Coloring Pages and zoology lesson extensions.   Free printable Disney Zootopia coloring pages, zoology lesson plans, printables

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